Fall Prevention Screens

Peace of mind for window screen safety.

The Australian Window Association (AWA) has developed a standard method of testing for hardware items and screens to ensure compliance with these measures. This document is referred to as the "Protection of Openable Window Test Specification -Industry Code of Practice".

The Amplimesh SupaSafe Fall Prevention Screen has been tested in accordance with the AWA industry code of practice to ensure it meets and exceeds the necessary requirements.

We all know of overly confident kids who feel they are invincible.They love to imitate their favourite super heroes, taking on their powers and thinking they can fly.

For these kids, Amplimesh have specially developed a new protective window screen called SupaSafe.

Now you can feel safe knowing the next time your kid tries to fly by catapulting themselves off their bed, they are being protected by a super force field, a SupaSafe Fall Prevention Screen

  • Tested in Australia in accordance with the AWA industry code of practice
  • Additionally tested beyond the ICP requirements
  • Internal or Externally Fitted
  • A measure to help prevent children falling from windows