Pet Doors Adelaide

Pet Doors Adelaide


Do you have cats or dogs at home? Maybe you even have both. It can be quite difficult to look after them sometimes, but the happiness they bring is incomparable. For some of us, our dog or cat is more than just a pet. They are part of the family too. And as pet lovers, we always feel that our furry companions deserve the best.

On Site Security Doors offers Petway Access Doors that are custom made just for your furry pets. We can go to your location and provide a free measurement and quote for any pet door that you require.  Our pet doors have UV stabilised plastic and come fully equipped with a magnetic closure, so it automatically closes and keeps other animals out. So If it’s a dependable pet door, you need just give us a call, and we’ll arrive at your home right away!

On Site Security Doors’ team of experts carefully measure and install pet doors to ensure durability. And because Petway Access Doors are Australia designed, owned and made; you can be sure that they have passed Australian standards. So however inclement the weather may be, your pet door will be able to stand it all.

Less Hassle for You

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loyal and smart. But, however clever they are, they can’t do everything by themselves. They still need you to open the door for them whenever they need to go out. But with a pet door installed, You'll no longer have to play doorman for your dog every time he needs to go out.  And we know how much the scratching and whining at the door can interrupt our sleep in the middle of the night.  You can also sleep in on Saturday morning instead of waking up at 6:00 a.m. to a panting dog who needs to go out.

Comfort for your Pets

Being gone all day at work means your pets are alone at home for an extended period. They still need to wait for you to get home before they can go. This can be quite uncomfortable for your pets since they have to “hold it in” for a few hours. With pet doors, they can freely relieve themselves while you’re out, so you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Fewer Accidents at Home

Nobody wants to see a puddle of pee in the middle of the living room when they get home. But puppies and older pets usually have a much harder time controlling their bladders for a long period. Giving them free access to the outdoors may eliminate the mess and odours of accidents in your home.  With a pet door installed by On Site Security Doors, your pets are happier, and it will save you time cleaning up the floors.

A Space to Exercise Outdoors

Bigger dogs such as the Great Danes, Collies and Golden Retrievers all require a huge space to play and exercise.  Spending all day locked up inside the house is truly not the best situation for them. They might get bored and stressed which in return can be the reason for bad behaviour such as chewing on furniture, tearing up pillows, or getting into food or other forbidden places. Give them the freedom to run around and play in the backyard by adding a pet door just for them.

Pet doors can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Whether you want to let your dog out to play in the yard, give your cat access to the litter box in the laundry room, or let some pets out and keep other pets in, pet doors make life easier for you and your pet. Just give On Site Security Doors a call today to get a free measure and quote.

Install one right now for your home. Your job will be easier, and your pets will surely appreciate it!