Why Alarms and CCTV Surveillance Are Not Enough to Keep Your Home Safe

Alarms and CCTV cameras are a great way to keep an eye on our house or property but it isn’t always the best option to keep your place safe from burglars. Sure, it can alert you when someone has broken it into your home but can it actually stop a burglar from stealing things inside your house?

A CCTV camera and an alarm could only do so much. If a determined intruder that’s equipped with the right tools try and break into your home, these technologies might not exactly be the best first line of defense to keep you safe.

Crime Rates in Victoria

There might be more sophisticated security systems available in the market today but the rates of burglary, robbery and theft are still high in our region. In the Crime Statistics Agency’s September 2017 report, it revealed that robbery incidents increased by 12 .6% from 2015 to 2017. Incidents of burglary and theft decreased by 9.7% and 11.5% respectively, however, their crime rates are still high at 46,661 and 136,752.

We see that despite all the advancement in technology and the presence of these state of the art security systems in homes, burglars will still try to break into homes whenever they see a good opportunity.

What Makes a Home Susceptible to Burglars?

Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (Duma) conducted a survey and asked detainees what makes a home a good target for them. Most of them answered that an empty home is usually the easiest target. They would just simply look at signs that a house has been vacant for a long time like closed lights at night, piled up mail and the absence of a car.

The detainees also shared that homes that don’t have security grilles, alarms and dogs were easy targets. They just usually walk into these homes through an unlocked door or window, breaking a door or window and breaking or picking a lock.

The Solution

These burglars are usually equipped with the right tools and skills to break in to any home. A simple alarm and a few CCTV cameras won’t deter them from breaking and entering. If you really want to keep your home safe from burglars, you need to install a comprehensive security system that includes barriers to completely prevent these entities from entering.

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