The Douglas

You get to see some lovely homes when you supply Amplimesh Security Screens for a living.

This family home was no exception. Nestled in the hills, the first view on approach from the period streetscape is the lap pool, with views to a landscaped garden, you can't help yourself but to indulge in this unique and beautiful home's setting.

"The home was built around the natural beauty of the surrounds, and the pool" says Jamie.

"We wanted a tested product that would welcome in our views and not detract from our homes appearance, but also, still be able to look through our windows and see the kids swimming , we're really happy with what Amplimesh have done."

With designer homes, that extra bit of special care is required when applying a modern product on a classical design. The result you see below is purely outstanding.

A triumph of design; a coup for craftsmanship; a victory for attention to detail; a win for superior finishes and fittings; a conquest for luxury and stylishness; an achievement for family living!

After installation was complete, we couldn't help ourselves and had to ask the owner if she would mind if we could film a television commercial at her home.

She was thrilled and said Yes! The commercial was filmed and showcased nationally throughout an advertising campaign in 2013 and featured on YouTube.

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